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StepJockey Talks to Verti's Health Coach Julia Neubert for International Women's Day

For International Women’s day StepJockey wanted to get some insight from some of female stair climbers about how they keep active at work. There was nobody better to talk to than Julia Neubert, Health Coach at Verti Germany, who has been transforming the attitude to workplace health at their Berlin office for a number of years.

We asked Julia about her tips for staying active at work, why she thinks StepJockey works and what the barriers are that stop more women getting active at work. Julia has created such an amazing and inclusive wellness programme at Verti and it was great to get her thoughts about how we can do more to get more women active at work!

Hi Julia, firstly how do you keep healthy and active at work?

I try to move as much as possible, such as taking the stairs instead of the lift, walking around a lot and using our company’s own gym. We also have electric height adjustable tables, so standing while working is always an option that I use a lot. Plus, I take the bike to work every day.

How easy do you find it to stay active at work?

At an office workplace it is quite hard to keep active and moving. Especially, when you have lots of stuff to do that requires a computer. Luckily my office is situated on the 4th floor, so I can take the stairs at least 3 times a day.

What first attracted you to start using StepJockey?

StepJockey is the perfect tool to integrate activity and light exercise into your daily routine easily. The smart signs’ design is attractive and the slogans are motivating and funny. I particularly like the challenge elements, which keep the motivation to climb the stairs high and give health promotion at Verti a fun and playful character.

 Why do you enjoy using the stairs for exercise?

Stair climbing is just so easy, because stairs are nearly everywhere. They are easily to access and free to use. Normally, walking the stairs does not take longer than taking the lift. Stair climbing wakes me up in the morning or after lunch and boosts my concentration at work. Stairs are the smallest gym in the world.

What do you think the barriers are that stop more women getting active at work?

Habits are strong! Taking the lift or sitting at the desk instead of standing is a habit that many of us have had for a long time. Changing habits, especially when the alternative is more challenging and less convenient, is always tricky.

Special barriers for women to get active at work could also be avoiding physical exertion and sweating. But I know enough men who are that way, too!

What could Verti do to encourage more women to be active at work?

Verti already does a lot for its employees J Many women attend our yoga classes and use our gym. To get even more women to be active, we are currently thinking about something like sport partnerships and ambassadors.

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