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Tackling sedentary behaviour this World Health Day

Sedentary living is an increasing problem. With research showing that it causes more global deaths (5.3 million) than smoking*, it’s become the silent killer.

Office workers are especially at risk of the health consequences of sedentary lifestyles which include heart disease and cancer. What compounds this risk for them is the way most people work - sitting still for long periods of time and not being able to engage in physical activity for an 8 hour period.

They rarely get any form of vigorous movement in this time unless they have developed unconscious healthy habits like taking the stairs multiple times during the working day or going to the gym on their lunch break.  

There has been a 30% decline in physical activity over the past two generations and this is in large part due to the sedentary office jobs the majority of us work.

In addition, the majority of the sedentary workers claim that time is why they struggle to add exercise into their daily routine - an hour in the gym at lunch just isn’t feasible for most people.

This World Health Day, StepJockey is on a mission to help office workers take their first steps towards a healthier and longer life. StepJockey works with employers to establish healthier workplaces through changing these unconscious habits and getting more employees to take the stairs during the working day.  

Taking the stairs a few times a day might not seem like much but it is classed as a vigorous form of exercise and it burns more calories per minute than jogging. What's more stair climbing is an incredibly inclusive form of exercise as it doesn't require any special gear or equipment. All members of the office can take part regardless of age or fitness level.

Try StepJockey to celebrate World Health Day

To celebrate World Health Day on the 7th of April, StepJockey will be providing a complimentary 30-day trial of our Stair Rating Tool.

The online tool allows employers to easily calculate how many calories are burned using a specific set of office stairs. By entering some basic details such as number of floors, number of steps per floor and step height office stairs can be rated for calorie burn.

For example, if someone takes the stairs from their desk on the 4th floor up to the canteen on the 8th floor, by using the StepJockey app along with the trial signs they will have an accurate calorie burn rate that adjusts based on the individuals weight and height.

The free trial allows the self-printing of signage to display this calorie information on the stairs along with tracking codes that will encourage people to track their journeys by making it fun, engaging and tallying up their calories burnt over time.

Where 80% of office workers fall into the ‘unfit’ category, change is desperately needed to help make the average workplace more active. Employers looking to be a front runner in workplace health can start by using the 30-day free trial to boost employee health straight away.

*Effect of physical inactivity on major non-communicable diseases worldwide: an analysis of burden of disease and life expectancy. The Lancet.

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Try out StepJockey's free stair rating tool and rate your office stairs for calorie burn today.

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